look i'm posting and will try to continue doing so


Since I have had my internet cut off at work I haven’t really had the time to update. Sorrs. Anyway I have overcome this by writing myself emails which I will update when I get home at the end of the day. So here goes

11:37 It is really not good when the toilets smell like fish. Great opener huh

11:58 have you ever noticed when you have a cold one nostril always produces more mucus than the other? Damn you right nostril.

12.44 Yay I’m full of dim sims and sausage roll.

16.19 yay the day is over and only 50 mins overtime( I don’t get paid overtime so you can see the excitement)


today i was so busy i didn't even get to open a window to jot stuff down in. on Saturday i will be a bridesmaid to dear manna who i have known since i was 5. I'm honored she asked me but i don't think i will be bridesmaiding again for some time. I'm too stingy with my time and money.

night all i'm off to bed i must get up at 4.30 for a 6am start tomorrow. i'll be rather glad when my boss is back next week.
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hello my friends and strangers

i havent updated well i suck i'll get over it.

i've been drinking its so wonderful. i love friday nights.

my engagement partys not to far away. yay for me

i've applied for a new job. i hope i get it

my work is getting shittyer and shitterer. tee he he

life is good

hugs for you, ...yes you ... your great

i'm dressing up tonight i love my red anime fress i should post a pick of it

i'm going to go do my hair ow

love you all

have a good weekend

eat more bacon

pig products rock!!!!
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pissy mood... really

what was that i seem quiet. something about crouching in a corner with a microscope does that to you..

whats wrong you ask in a loud annoying voice... you see i have a headach but you wouldent know that because you didnt listen to my answer you just continued to talk over the top of me even louder asking the same inane questions about my car accident. questions i cant answer yet because it only happened yesterday and i havent heard from them yet. gah

oh and dont absolutly DON"T tell me i dont understand what your talking about when disscussing your inlaws because i'm not married. never tell some one that they wouldent understand because ....( you dont have kids yet, your not married, you dont have to pay bills, youve never been alone etc) how the hell do you know my past piss of. ive friggin lived with a partner his parents his siblings and their kids all in one house so go piss up a wall i  dont know what its like to have an extended family.

i have a headache. i'm tired and i can get my fingers to comply with my brain latley. its shitting me.
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and that is how the butterflies killed the dinosaurs..

so i havent posted much in a while. no i'm not particularly busy i just havent been bothered, really not much to say.

my car got hit by a truck yesterday not much damage but enough for it to be a hassle. ive taken some pis and might get around to posting them later.

i'm excited about this saturday as my mother and i are going to a stage production of camelot. might stay home friday night so i can be all happy and alert the next day.

ive been spending time looking at houses. pointless really when there is so much work that needs to be done on the one we have befor we can sell it. but still i like to look.

i'm trying to organise my engagment party. noone is being cooperative, the date has been changed so many times now. oh and dont be offended if you dont get invited, due to the size of my dads side of the family we can only  have so many people.if you do get invited feel super special.

my mother has given me a challange to complete befor the party. a chalange to loose 10 kg. i havbe taken it up. hell why not the prize is a dress of my choosing for the engagement party. anyway due to my lazyness instead of cooking good food and stopping gbuying lunch ive taken the easy way out and started back on lite and easy. its not the most satisfying food buy it works.

 i should really get back to it so i'm going to leave it here.

i just ate a tomato
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just a quick update

so.. well i really just wanted to get of my chest how much my brother upset me tonight. it was rather petty really. you see what happened was that i took my  dog over to my parents house. george has just discovered his great ability to destroy toys.
well george was doing his worst when i was decided we should take that particular toy away so i picked it up and put it on the table, well that was apparently just discusting so he started up o me about where i put the damn toy and how i let my dog ruin other peoples stuff and making these horrible condesending, superiour noises OVER THE TOP of my responses to him.. is it just me or is that just rude, like exceptionaly bad social ediquate.
he used to do it alot when we were growing up but i really dont see him anymore and ive removed all people who act in this maner from my life, am i over reacting??? or should i expect a level of decency and tolerance for others.

dear brother

yes i know my dog chewed up the toy, but it was mums toy and she didnt seem too worried about it and up it was a dog toy afterall. i'm really not sure why it had anything to do with you. you mannerisims make you the type of person that i no longer have the time of day for.
i think this is sad because your my brother and i love you but i['m not going to sit here and have you make me feel like shit you dont have the right to do that. noone does anymore.

i'm happy with who i am and i really dont have to tolerate crap from anyone and these days i don't. ive come a long way from the person i used to be who would allow that kind of behaviour and allow others to make me feel bad.

pull your head out of your self rightous, condecending tight ass and see that other people are having fun all around you and your  poo pooing of other peoples lives, your superior attitude only makes me want to remove your influence from my life as well

thanks for letting me get that out

now lets never speak of this again......

bitching about your own family members is quite welcome in comments hell any comment is welcome no matter how irrelevent.

oh and dont forget PHONE HIPPO......

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do you love me??

Dear jelvy,
You make me ________.
You should _______.
I wish you would ________.
Someday I will ______ .
You are just like ________.
If I saw you now I'd __________.
I would build a _______ just for you.
I would get your name tattooed on my __________.
If I could sing you any song it would be _________.
We could drink __________ under the stars.
My love for you is like ____________.

Love (or fro),

(P.S. ______________.)

Repost this with DEAR ______ (your name) and have people fill in the blanks.

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