August 24th, 2006


and that is how the butterflies killed the dinosaurs..

so i havent posted much in a while. no i'm not particularly busy i just havent been bothered, really not much to say.

my car got hit by a truck yesterday not much damage but enough for it to be a hassle. ive taken some pis and might get around to posting them later.

i'm excited about this saturday as my mother and i are going to a stage production of camelot. might stay home friday night so i can be all happy and alert the next day.

ive been spending time looking at houses. pointless really when there is so much work that needs to be done on the one we have befor we can sell it. but still i like to look.

i'm trying to organise my engagment party. noone is being cooperative, the date has been changed so many times now. oh and dont be offended if you dont get invited, due to the size of my dads side of the family we can only  have so many people.if you do get invited feel super special.

my mother has given me a challange to complete befor the party. a chalange to loose 10 kg. i havbe taken it up. hell why not the prize is a dress of my choosing for the engagement party. anyway due to my lazyness instead of cooking good food and stopping gbuying lunch ive taken the easy way out and started back on lite and easy. its not the most satisfying food buy it works.

 i should really get back to it so i'm going to leave it here.

i just ate a tomato
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pissy mood... really

what was that i seem quiet. something about crouching in a corner with a microscope does that to you..

whats wrong you ask in a loud annoying voice... you see i have a headach but you wouldent know that because you didnt listen to my answer you just continued to talk over the top of me even louder asking the same inane questions about my car accident. questions i cant answer yet because it only happened yesterday and i havent heard from them yet. gah

oh and dont absolutly DON"T tell me i dont understand what your talking about when disscussing your inlaws because i'm not married. never tell some one that they wouldent understand because ....( you dont have kids yet, your not married, you dont have to pay bills, youve never been alone etc) how the hell do you know my past piss of. ive friggin lived with a partner his parents his siblings and their kids all in one house so go piss up a wall i  dont know what its like to have an extended family.

i have a headache. i'm tired and i can get my fingers to comply with my brain latley. its shitting me.
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