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look i'm posting and will try to continue doing so


Since I have had my internet cut off at work I haven’t really had the time to update. Sorrs. Anyway I have overcome this by writing myself emails which I will update when I get home at the end of the day. So here goes

11:37 It is really not good when the toilets smell like fish. Great opener huh

11:58 have you ever noticed when you have a cold one nostril always produces more mucus than the other? Damn you right nostril.

12.44 Yay I’m full of dim sims and sausage roll.

16.19 yay the day is over and only 50 mins overtime( I don’t get paid overtime so you can see the excitement)


today i was so busy i didn't even get to open a window to jot stuff down in. on Saturday i will be a bridesmaid to dear manna who i have known since i was 5. I'm honored she asked me but i don't think i will be bridesmaiding again for some time. I'm too stingy with my time and money.

night all i'm off to bed i must get up at 4.30 for a 6am start tomorrow. i'll be rather glad when my boss is back next week.

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